Wordy Wednesday… The Week Leading Up To The Warrior Mom Conference

Words…  words can hurt, heal, describe feelings, activities.  They are big, they are small.  Some carry intense emotion, while others are minute.  When we write, we use words to describe our characters in our stories.  What are they feeling?  What do they look like?  Where are they going?

What happens to that character, when that character is you?

What words can you use to describe what you are feeling as you sink into the depths of Postpartum Depression?

Unworthy, Hopeless, Helpless, Pained, Anxious, Nauseous, Angry, Unloved, Evil, Ugly, Tired, Hateful, Powerless, Emotional, Apathetic, Dead, Beaten, Failure, Stressed, Confused, Doubtful, Anxious, Depressed, Empty, Foggy, Somber, Shame, Blame, Guilt

Now, what words do you use to describe yourself after you have overcome the trauma of Postpartum Depression?

Empowered, Healthy, Loving, Worthy, Joyful, Happy, Strong, Survivor, Warrior, Successful, Deserving, Wholehearted, Inspiring, Lively, Rejuvenated, Refreshed, Alive, Beautiful, Good, Calm, Helpful, Hopeful

My lists are a only small grouping of words that describe the emotions and feelings I experienced while hurting from Postpartum Depression and after my recovery.  I implore my readers to tell me some more that they have felt if they are fellow sufferers and I ask others to think about how they would feel if they went through it and survived!

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