I Have “A Dark Secret”…

With the end of Climb Out Of The Darkness for Postpartum Progress my husband has started nagging me, “When are you going to finish your book?!”

That’s a very good question.  I had told him I would finish when the Climb was over but even though I am an Alpha and somewhat of a Perfectionist with some OCD tendencies, I am also a huge Procrastinator!  This is the main reason I do not write on my gardening blog anymore.  In addition to this procrastination I am still rather busy with the upcoming Warrior Mom Conference in Boston, MA next month where I will be a MotherWoman Peer Facilitator and get to hang out with all the cool Warrior Moms.  I also need to redo my CPR certification to renew my Personal Training Certification.  There seems to always be something.

The most important thing though is getting back to my writing.  I want to get my story out there.  I want to help eradicate the stigma against Mental Illness by disclosing my suffering from the last 2 decades.  I want my book to be perfect so when the opportunity came along to share part of my story, my Postpartum Depression and Anxiety story, I jumped at the opportunity (it also bought me more time to procrastinate on my book.)

I am one of 15+ women who are Contributing Authors for the upcoming book A Dark Secret: Real Women Share Their Trials And Triumphs Of Their Battle With Maternal Mental Health Illness.  We all have come together to help other mothers know they are not alone.  I am so elated to be doing this and officially become a book author.  Three months after publication, I can release my own book (if it is done šŸ˜‰ )

Below I am sharing what info I have to promote A Dark Secret: Real Women Share Their Trials And Triumphs Of Their Battle With Maternal Mental Health Illness:

Book Cover as of now

Yesterday, I was the featured Contributing Author on both A Mothers Sanctuary facebook page and Lashonta Edwards’ facebook page:

Past featured Contributing Authors include:

Stay tuned for more featured Contributing Authors and more updates on the book.  This may include snippets from each of our chapters, press releases, and of course a publishing date.

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