Business Trip Bipolar Disorder

Of course, I worried for nothing.  I woke up with plenty of time to get to the airport even with traffic.  Half asleep I dragged myself through security and even managed to order breakfast at the Dunkin Donuts.  Once on the plane, I took out my Word Search book and my bubble grew encompassing all of me and I was numb to my most fearful part of plane trips… lift off.  No drugs needed.  No nail marks in the arms of the person next to me.

We landed slightly early and I made my way down to baggage claim where I met one of my dearest friends from college.  We chatted while she drove me to the car rental place and I told her I would contact her when I was settled into my hotel room later after my meeting.  Once I got into the car I had barely enough time to take a pass by our new store location before meeting the architect for lunch.  Of course being in Maryland, I had to order crab cakes.  If you want crab cakes done right, do not get them anywhere else but the state of MD!  The architect and I spoke and before we knew it, it was time for our meeting at the store.  Almost 3 hours later, around 3:30pm, our meeting was over. 

Remembering that I told Sophia I would get her something, I wandered the aisles of Five Below only a few stores down from our new location for work.  Shopkins, where are the Shopkins?!  No actual Shopkins, only puzzles, books, lip gloss, erasers…. Grrr.  The lack of sleep and anxiety from the night before was beginning to get to me.  Okay, Monster High Mini Doll 2-pack… which ones did she have?!  Onto the next… a Beanie Boo!  I was about to pick one up when I noticed a couple of Monster High Books.  Bingo!

Now around 3:45pm, I had 15 minutes to kill before I could check in to the hotel.  Swinging by the nearest liquor store, I walked in, found the local section and collapsed on the floor.  So tired, but I had to complete the mission at hand… what 4 wines from our favorite Maryland Winery would be traveling home with me?  After all, that was my main reason for checking luggage, I needed to bring wine home.  I called Jimmy.  He was no help once I told him there was new Blueberry wine. 

“I’m sorry dear but I can’t drive out to Mt. Airy, MD to the winery during my 36 hour business trip.”

Yes, those words came out of my mouth.

After checking out and buying these nifty bubble wrap wine bottle bags, I was finally on my way to the hotel.  Once a prestigious mansion, it was now converted to a hotel boasting rooms with an eclectic flair.  I came in and the first words out of my mouth to the attendant were, “Is this place haunted?”  Being a Ghosthunters fan, I was disappointed to learn it was not.  After much difficulty in locating the keys to the Z Suite, we made our way over to what may have once been the carriage house.  Once inside, the keys failed to give me entrance to my room.  Just my luck.  Here I was overly exhausted, wanting to lie down for a minute and the bed was laughing on the other side of the locked door.  I could hear it, seriously.  The attendant went back and grabbed the keys off the housekeeper’s set.  Success!  Upon entering I crashed on the bed for 10 minutes soaking into the memory foam.  A moment to relax amongst the chaos of the day. 

Feeling the urge of Mother Nature I made my way into the ornately decorated bathroom and instantly spotted the Jacuzzi tub… Oooh!  I could go for this.  I decided I needed to take a bath right away.  Being a mom, I never get the chance to actually take a bath and without interruption.  The water took its time filling up but felt nice when I got in.  Although I am a lover of hot water, I may have made this bath a bit TOO hot.  I took a few deep breaths and 15 minutes later I exited my bath calm… and sweaty.

Now 5:20pm, officially up for 12 hours, I got dressed and headed out to see my college friends and their sons practice baseball.  We gabbed.  I met some new people and some old people.  I called Jimmy to remind him to check Sophia’s homework, sign her planner, make her lunch…  Now about 8pm we were on our back to their new house.  I got the tour by the 2 cutest boys, was licked to pieces by their adorable dog and enjoyed a nice home cooked meal.  I loved that I got to see them and only wished I had more time with them and that Jimmy and Sophia could be there.  By 10pm, my eyelids were ready to close.

The hotel was only 10 minutes away.  I couldn’t wait to hit the bed.  My eyelids immediately closed but my brain would not turn off.  Sleep was cumbersome.  Not good.  Second night of not good sleep.  I knew what this would mean.  Enter anxiety and irritability. 

In the morning, I grabbed a quick breakfast, packed up, checked out and went to the local park for a walk.  I knew being outside and getting some exercise would be a good thing.  Before I knew it, I had circled the lake twice and racked up 4.98 miles.  Almost 11am, and with a 1pm flight, I got gas, returned the car and got to the airport into the security line.  I was a Zombie.  Tired from lack of sleep, tired from the walk, I moved as if I were a dead cow in the midst of this very very slow cattle line.  My brain was foggy.  Flying once again was simple as the bubble instantly grew with the Word Search book.  I felt my eyes close a few times.  After landing, picking up my now wine filled checked bag and getting my car, I braced myself for the longest leg of my trip… driving home.  It was long, had some traffic and I was alert but out of it.

As soon as I came home I unpacked.  I didn’t want to do it later.  We had Sophia’s 4th Grade Open House at 7pm and I wanted to just crash when we got back.   I was so tired.  Following unpacking, I made my lunch and breakfast shakes for Thursday and Friday and then climbed into my car and picked Sophia up from school.

I couldn’t tell you what happened after that.  I think I mentally blacked out.  36+ hours running on little sleep, overwhelmed with extreme highs of going back to Maryland, having responsibility for work and seeing friends I haven’t seen in 2 years was quickly followed by a sadden feeling, exhaustion, sarcasm and irritability.  I call it the Business Trip Bipolar Disorder.

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