Motivational Monday… The Week Leading Up To The Warrior Mom Conference

The 1st ever Warrior Mom Conference through Postpartum Progress is this weekend in Boston, MA and I’m so excited to go!  It will be a weekend of learning, laughing, crying and lots of hugs!!!  I’m so grateful to be going and can’t wait to be around so many people who have been “there“.  People who have experienced Postpartum Depression and Anxiety like myself.  People who “get it“.  People who won’t look at me weird.  People who have survived.  People who have come out stronger.   Fellow Warrior Moms!!! (Oh, and I’m so anxious to meet Postpartum Progress’ founder, Katherine Stone!)
In light of this conference I’m going to post daily blog posts concerning Perinatal Mood Disorders this week.  It may be part of my story, a poem, an article review, motivational sayings, and important information!
Today is Motivational Monday!
I’ve lost my way more than once, but it has helped me discover who I am including all my good qualities.  The first time I really lost my way was when I suffered from PPD and PPA.  I was a completely different person.  But I came back, and I came back stronger!

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