Why I Climb…

Why I Climb…
I Climb for my daughter, my husband, my parents, and my in-laws. This was my support system in my darkest time. They were there when I wasn’t there mentally, emotionally or physically. They came to therapy and psychiatric appointments. They visited me in the hospital. They kept my daughter healthy and alive when I couldn’t. They woke up with me to feed Sophia. They kept calm and cool in a situation that should’ve driven them crazy with worry. They have my utmost gratitude and love.
I Climb for myself. Somehow I survived an ordeal that rattled my brain and mentality to points this Depression sufferer never thought imaginable. I battled by going to therapy, admitting myself into the hospital and taking my medications. I came out stronger.
I Climb for other mothers who have, are or may suffer… To be their support… To show them they are not alone. There is a whole Warrior Mom Family out there to lean on.
This year’s theme song for Climb Out Of The Darkness is my favorite song right now… it is the song that keeps me going… the song that keeps me fighting… it is Rachel Platten’s Fight Song.
Please take a few minutes and watch the video.  You may spot a familiar face or two along the way.  All of these mothers thought they were alone too until they discovered the beautiful community of Warrior Moms at Postpartum Progress.
After watching this video, I am sure you, my readers, will want to help out either by joining a Climb near you or donating.
If you wish to donate to this great cause, click here: https://www.crowdrise.com/mariahwarren-COTD2015/fundraiser/stephanietrzyna
And now, the video… #climbout #warriormom #myfightsong

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