Another Addition to the Pharmacy

Today was is the first day for my healing medically.  I finally was able to see my PCP to get a prescription for an Antidepressant (my old Psychiatrist retired over 2 years ago).  I thought for sure she would put me on one of my prior ones but she didn’t.  Honestly, I think I’ve been put on almost every SSRI out there (my oldest dearest Pharmacist friend can tell me).  The best part is my doctor’s reasoning on why she picked this particular SSRI.

A little background before I reveal the newbie to the group.  In the last 2 weeks I’ve lost almost 10lbs due to Anxiety.  When I have Anxiety Attacks, I get extremely nauseous.  I dry heave.  Sometimes I puke.  This is before the Depression set in.  To inform my readers who do not know me physically, I am a short, very petite woman so 10lbs of weight loss is NOT good.  I haven’t been this weight since I was 13 in Junior High. I’ll be 35 next month.

My pharmaceutical list of Antidepressants starting at age 18 is as follows:

and the newbie to the list just prescribed today:


Why a different SSRI?  My PCP prescribed this one solely on the fact of one of its main side effects:  Weight gain!

Funny… Most people’s New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight.  I swear, this is the first time ever in my almost 35 years of existence that mine is to GAIN weight!

One thought on “Another Addition to the Pharmacy

  1. Hi–we have a mutual friend who gave me this blogspot to read. I love the outdoors too!! Wish I was out there more. I have a website called where I post blogs, articles, and all sorts of things to hopefully make people happier. I have some articles on depression there. will get you to that page to find them. I hope you will take time to read and maybe find something to help you along. I wish you well. My daughter has gone through the type of puking not eating for weeks on end sort of anxiety. It was scary. I hope this new medication will help you gain that weight you are looking for. Hang in there!!!


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