1. It’s true that we pass on body shaming to our kids, not just daughters. I spent a good part of my life counting calories, and I would hate my daughter to do the same. After she was born, I started on a health and fitness journey that involves no calorie counting or macros or whatever, just eating real food. I hope I do this right, so that my daughter will never torture her body and feels ashamed of it.

  2. Mariah Warren

    Beautiful new site, Stephanie! I needed to read this bc body shaming has been high for me, though mostly an internal thing. I try not to say anything about weight around Ben, just about being healthy. I see how he loves to lie around and watch videos/Kindle, like I do, and I feel guilty bc I’m modeling an inactive lifestyle. It’s not easy, accepting oneself where one is on the journey.

  3. Heather Motta

    I appreciate your words of wisdom. I really try to mention that I am exercising for health, instead of shedding pounds. Our kids see everything, and can be little mirrors. I am happy you are stepping towards letting your dear one see you appreciate your body for what it is – a body that, flaws and all, created her! Huge hugs.

  4. Sounds like you’re on the road to healthy ideas about weight for you and your daughter. Our children see and hear all we do – not only related to weight issues. How we work and play and pray, how we treat other people, how we handle stress. Important to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing your post!

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