Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story: I’ve debated on how to write this: how to do you put it all into words? What will my family and friends think when they realize what we have all been through? How will our daughters feel when they read this one day? I don’t really have the answers to these but I’m … [Read more…]

Lesley’s Story

Lesley’s Story: My Walk Through the Darkness   I had my first daughter via emergency induction at 39 weeks due to a complication that I’d brought up to my doctor weeks earlier, but which she blew off. I was right.  I asked for an epidural early on in my induction and joked with the anesthesiologist, … [Read more…]

Christina’s Story

Christina‘s Story:My Story — And I’m Sticking To It Christina Boeshart Central Ohio                     My pregnancy with my, now 4 year old, son was amazing! After suffering a miscarriage in my first pregnancy, I decided to find out the sex of my children as early as possible. At 14 weeks, I went for a … [Read more…]

Lisa’s Story

Lisa‘s Story:   Why I Wanted to Jump: My Journey into Postpartum Psychosis and Back Again   Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I spent 10 days locked in the psych ward of the hospital after my postpartum depression and psychosis made me suicidal. In my altered psychotic state, I thought my house was … [Read more…]

An Apology…

I am sitting here with wet eyes, light tears rolling down my cheeks.  I just did something I’ve been wanting to do since my little boy left my house but it has been so hard for me to do… I sent an email to his social worker.  I sent an email apologizing. I know, I … [Read more…]

Should I Have Become A Mother?

There is much debate in the last few years on whether or not the Mentally Ill should be allowed to have children.  The following article appeared on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday: Should People With Mental Illness Have Children? I find it ironic that this popped into my newsfeed as I started to write about whether or … [Read more…]