Rebound Insomnia… Really?!

I always found it senseless and cruel that most antidepressants, at least the SSRIs, take 4 – 6 weeks to fully be functional.  Is this a colossal joke?!  What depressed person wants to hear, “Hey, you’ll be feeling much better, just wait another month or two!”  Having already suffered badly, sinking into further depths of not recognizing … [Read more…]

Sound Meditation: Am I In That 1%?

I seem to be a star pupil when it comes to EMDR therapy, so much so that we have taken a break from it and returned to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).  In other words, I am back to what I would like to call normal therapy.  My therapist, after months of reprocessing certain devastating memories… … [Read more…]

Is Depression an Illness?…

At first when I read this article, “Is Depression an Illness? Or Part of the Human Condition?”, yesterday it was kind of ironic.  I had just posed the question to my therapist on Monday of can Depression be cured since it is labeled a disorder?  His summation of the question led to the theory that professionals … [Read more…]

Team Work?!…

I never had a Psychiatrist I loved.  Heck, I never had one I liked.  Honestly, my relationships with my Psychiatrists these last 20+ years don’t even measure up to an “acquaintance” standard.  They are short, sometimes snippy, and barely lift their eyes off their laptop to make eye contact.  These doctors that control what medications … [Read more…]

I Was Alone…

I woke up this morning with snippets of Canadian singer Bryan Adams’ song How Do Ya Feel Tonight? in my head (I’m a child of the 80s and yes, I like Bryan Adams)… “is there anybody out there?anyone that’s loved in vainanyone that feels the same…” “is there anybody out there? anyone that can’t explainanyone … [Read more…]