Why Me? A Blessing In Disguise…

I never asked to be ill.  I’m sure no one jumps up and down begging, “Pick me, I want cancer!”  I don’t see anyone paying to contract AIDS.  I also can’t picture anyone smiling when told they have the “gift” of Multiple Sclerosis.  Believe me, I was not crying tears of joy at getting my … [Read more…]

What Mental Illness Truly Looks Like…

“Here’s Johnny!” “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” Growing up we all had this view of what the “Mentally Ill” looked like usually from a portrayal in the media.  Instantly the first vision that comes to my mind when I think “Mentally Ill” is Jack Nicholson in The Shining saying “Here’s Johnny!”.  My next vision is him … [Read more…]

The Mother-Edged Sword

We’ve all have been on both ends of the Mother-Edged Sword… the concept that whatever we do in our parenting is wrong.  Nothing we choose is right.  We’ve given advice to other mothers about their parenting styles and we’ve been on the receiving end… You didn’t breastfeed?!  You didn’t use formula?!You co-slept with your baby?!  … [Read more…]

Mother, Warrior, Postpartum Progress…

I’ve been home for a few days now from Postpartum Progress’ first ever Warrior Mom Conference.  In these past few days I have gone through a plethora of thoughts and emotions I haven’t experienced in awhile.  There is such an emptiness when you leave people who understand you without question and support you without judgment.  … [Read more…]

Feature Friday… Amber’s Story

To end out the week, I have the pleasure to share with you the Postpartum stories of 6 fellow Warrior Moms.  They agreed to do this to help those in need.  I recommend reading them all.  I will feature one of them a day for the next 6 days. 1)  Amber’s Story: Imagine that you’ve been … [Read more…]

Courtenay’s Story

Courtenay’s Story:My PPD Story My name is Courtenay, and I am a Warrior Mom. This means I survived a Postpartum Disorder (PPD). For 1.5 years after my daughter was born, I suffered from Postpartum Depression. Even before my daughter was born, I had started with symptoms of PPD. Initially, I was excited on that fall … [Read more…]

Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story: I’ve debated on how to write this: how to do you put it all into words? What will my family and friends think when they realize what we have all been through? How will our daughters feel when they read this one day? I don’t really have the answers to these but I’m … [Read more…]

Lesley’s Story

Lesley’s Story: My Walk Through the Darkness   I had my first daughter via emergency induction at 39 weeks due to a complication that I’d brought up to my doctor weeks earlier, but which she blew off. I was right.  I asked for an epidural early on in my induction and joked with the anesthesiologist, … [Read more…]

Christina’s Story

Christina‘s Story:My Story — And I’m Sticking To It Christina Boeshart Central Ohio                     My pregnancy with my, now 4 year old, son was amazing! After suffering a miscarriage in my first pregnancy, I decided to find out the sex of my children as early as possible. At 14 weeks, I went for a … [Read more…]