Should I Have Become A Mother?

There is much debate in the last few years on whether or not the Mentally Ill should be allowed to have children.  The following article appeared on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday: Should People With Mental Illness Have Children? I find it ironic that this popped into my newsfeed as I started to write about whether or … [Read more…]

I Have “A Dark Secret”…

With the end of Climb Out Of The Darkness for Postpartum Progress my husband has started nagging me, “When are you going to finish your book?!” That’s a very good question.  I had told him I would finish when the Climb was over but even though I am an Alpha and somewhat of a Perfectionist … [Read more…]

Climb Out Of The Darkness 2015… A Recap

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the great Daddys out there including my own and my husband. Yesterday, on June 20th 2015, thousands of women, their spouses, their parents, their friends and their children participated in the 3rd Annual Climb Out Of The Darkness to raise awareness (and funds) for Postpartum Progress.  This amazing … [Read more…]

Aren’t All People With Mental Illness Violent?… Oy!…

I recently read the following article by Gabe Howard on I loved this article because it says everything that those of us who suffer from a Mental Illness feel when we get asked the following: Are you like that person with mental illness I saw on TV?I get you have mental illness, but … [Read more…]

Why I Climb…

Why I Climb… I Climb for my daughter, my husband, my parents, and my in-laws. This was my support system in my darkest time. They were there when I wasn’t there mentally, emotionally or physically. They came to therapy and psychiatric appointments. They visited me in the hospital. They kept my daughter healthy and alive … [Read more…]

I Fed The Stigma

Yesterday, I posted I was upset with being dependent on medication indefinitely.  I truly believed this statement until one of my good friends posted a response.  Then I realized I fed the stigma behind Mental Illness.  I was no better than the thousands that do not understand Mental Illness.  I didn’t think the drugs were … [Read more…]

Two Steps Forward… One Step Back…

The last few days have been rough.  I once again tried to quit my anti anxiety medication, Ativan, cold turkey.  My psychiatrist said that would be okay since the dosage is not that high.  The Alpha and perfectionist in me hates to be dependent on pills.  3 nights I went without the Ativan and 3 … [Read more…]