The Guilt

I used to think I carried around this never ending guilty feeling because of the stereotype about Jewish moms and guilt.  I have thought about the guilt so much and have read enough articles concerning Depression lately to know that this guilt is not because I’m Jewish but in turn because I am Depressed.  This … [Read more…]

Turning My Life Into A Book

I should’ve titled this, “Petrified, In Need of Confidence”! Last year after one of my good friends published her first book I started to think about writing myself.  I had a remarkable talent for it when I was younger.  I was actually in Creative Writing Talent at my Junior High, had a poem published in … [Read more…]

“Happy” Me vs. The Real Me

I’ve just read this great blog entry from the Project Helping Founder and CEO.  Everything he wrote in it was so familiar it was absolutely scary. Here is the blog post.  I encourage you to read it: Running From Myself The premise of the blog post is the constant battle he had between his … [Read more…]

The Thinker

I’ve come to the realization that when suffering from Depression I become The Thinker.  My mind races between a million different thoughts… … Did I pack my lunch? What do I do if I didn’t?… … Did I pack Sophia’s lunch? Oh my god, what if I didn’t? What is she going to do?… … … [Read more…]